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Our history is constituted by our achievements of many years. Around PSP there were and there are experienced artists, outstanding in their creative disciplines, only professors and graduates of art schools. It is difficult to mention all artists and all our achievements from 60 years of our activity. They were always on the highest artistic level. Below we recount only the most important ones.

Monumental sculpture

Monuments: of Insurrectionary Act on St Anna Mountain /designer by X. Dunikowski/, of Extermination Victims in Treblinka /F. Starynkiewicz. F. Duszeńko, A. Haupt/, of Ziemia Białostocka Heroes /B. Chmielewski/, of Silesian Insurgents in Katowice and Eagles’ Nest in Szczecin /G. Zemła/, of Wyspiański in Cracow /M. Konieczny/, of Polish Aviation in Warka /R. Gruszczyński/, of Nicolaus Copernicus in Frauenburg /M. Welter/, of Redoubt Defenders in Mława /K. Zieliński/, of Władysław Broniewski in Płock /G. Zemła, J. Niedźwiedzki/, of Fryderyk Chopin in Sanniki and Duszniki /L. Nitsche, E. Żarowski/
monuments in Warsaw: of Warsaw Ghetto Heroes /N. Rappaport, L.M. Suzin/, Glory be to Sappers /S. Kulon/, of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński /A. Renes/, of the Kosciuszko Soldier /A. Kasten/, Nike of Warsaw and of Wincenty Witos /M. Konieczny/, the Fallen Invincibles /G. Zemła/, Katyn Monument /J. Pastwa, A. Myjak/, of Stanisław Moniuszko and Wojciech Bogusławski /J. Szczepkowski/, of Gen. Zygmunt Berling /K. Danilewicz/
and abroad: 1st Polish Army in Sandau /B. Koniuszy/, of Brotherhood of Arms in Ryazan /B. Chromy/, of Polish sailors from ORP Grom fallen in the Battle of Narvik, of Nicolaus Copernikus in the USA, Brazil, Mongolia /B. Chmielewski/, of Nicolaus Copernicus in Mexico /M. Welter/.

Monument of Nike the Victorius /M. Konieczny/ Monument of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński /A. Renes/ Monument of the Fallen Invincibles /G. Zemła/ Katyn Monument near the Church in Kamionek in Warsaw / J. Pastwa i A. Myjak/ Monument Glory be to Sappers, part I “Sapper” /S. Kulon/ Monument Glory be to Sappers, part II “Stilt ramming for the bridge to be built” /S. Kulon/ Monument of Wincenty Witos /M. Konieczny/ Monument of Stanisław Moniuszko /J. Szczepkowski/ Monument of Polish sailors from ORP Grom fallen in the Battle of Narvik /B. Chmielewski/ Monument of Polish Aviation in Warka /R. Gruszczyński/ Monument of Peasant Act /S. Sikora/


Busts and sculptural portraits

Ignacy Paderewski, Stefan Żeromski and Bolesław Prus /author S. Sikora/, George Washington, Dancer, Copernicus in Chicago /B. Koniuszy/, Chopin in Tokio /A. Karny, E. Żarowski/, a cycle of Wawel Heads /X. Dunikowski/, numerous busts of outstanding Poles in Poland and abroad /A. Karny/, Little Insurgent at Barbakan of the Old Town in Warsaw /J. Jarnuszkiewicz/.

Bust of George Washington Bust of Ignacy Paderewski Little Insurgent Bust of Bolesław Prus Sculptural portrait Gustaw Holoubek Sculptural portrait Stefan Żeromski



Small land miniature sculputres as various forms of awards: Economy Award of the President of RP, statuettes of Akademia Marek Polskich, Złoty Megafon, Eko Media Forum, the Award of the Minister of Economy, numerous fair awards – Złoty Hortus, Instalator, Pegaz and Orbital, corporate awards – Nationale Nederlanden, Życie Warszawy, Międzynarodowe Centrum Targowe.

Economic Award of the President of RP Award of the Minister of Economy statuette /S. Fijałkowski/ Złoty Hortus /M. Dobrucka/ Statuette – Award for banks /Z. Wilma i J. Bąk/ Nationale Nederlanden Statuette /B. Chmielewski/ Złoty Instalator Statuette /B. Chmielewski/ Złoty Orbital Statuette /M. Dobrucka/


Medallic Art

Large part of our achievements constitute medals cast and struck by Mennica Państwowa and designed by the best Polish medallists, such as: W. Antoniewska-Czechowska, B. Chmielewski, Z. Denkowska, M. Dobrucka, W. Muldner- Nieckowski, E. Olszewska- Borys, P. Gawron, E. Gorol, S. Sikora, I. Stasiński. Their works include: „Chopin Medals”, sets of medals for 85th anniversary of Filharmonia Warszawska and „Faces of Teatr Polski” for 75th anniversary of this institution, for 100th anniversary of Karol Szymanowski’s birthday and medals commemorating almost all important anniversaries, outstanding people and interesting events.

Medal for 85th anniversary of Filharmonia Narodowa Medal for 75th anniversary of Teatr Polski in Warsaw Peacock Feather Medal Medal for 75th anniversary of Teatr Polski in Warsaw Medal of Centrum Onkologii


Interior design

PSP played an important role while rebulding the country after war damage. Our Studio prepared architectural and interior designs for many culture complexes, public buildings or institutions:

  • Teatr Mały in Warsaw /proj. Z. Wacławek/;
  • Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw /A. Stypiński/;
  • Modernization of Teatr Ludowy in Warsaw /M. Harzing- Zborowska, K. Zaydler-Zborowski, Z. Zborowska/;
  • Operetka Warszawska /W. Jotkiewicz, J. Dzierżko/;
  • Muzeum Starych Zegarów in Warsaw /T. Chromy, K. Gąsiorowski, L. Klejnert/;
  • Polyclinic of the Medical School in Warsaw /M. Gargała, W. Księżyc/;
  • Zakłady Radiowe im. M. Kasprzaka in Warsaw /T. Bochen, J. Narzyński, T. Chromy, K. Gąsiorowski/;
  • Gdańsk University /R. Drzewiecki, J. Bemedek, S. Niewiadomski, I. Samełko-Bemedek/;
  • Spectator and Sport Hall in Katowice /M. Gintowt, E. Krasińska, J. Klechniowski, T. Suliński/;
  • PKP Main Railway Station in Katowice /W. Kłyszewski, J. Mokrzyński, E. Wierzbicki/.


Permanent architectural decorations

Sculpture and Painting Studio of PSP is proud of long-lasting achievements in a form of unique elements of decorative furnishings, easel and wall painting, wooden and polichromed sculputre and derivative art forms. Among other things these are: interiors and elevations of Sejm and Urząd Rady Ministrów, plafonds and a clock in Sala Marmurowa of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, mosaics and sgraffitoes in Instytut Węgierski in Warsaw, a lecture theatre of N. Copernicus University in Toruń, elevation of Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka in Międzylesie, Służewiec underground station, polychromy in Xanthi in Greece.

Mosaic design for Służew underground station in Warsaw Low reliefs on the elevation of Sejm RP building Low reliefs on the elevation of Sejm RP building Mosaics on the elevation of a school “Horses” colourful wall mosaic on the building at Zgoda Street in Warsaw

Memorial plaques

Our sculptors designed and made the plaques placed in Poland and abroad, which commemorate important events of the culture and history of Poland, among others current plaques on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, memorial plaque dedicated to John Paul II and Cardinal Wyszyński at Piłsudski Square in Warsaw, dedicated to insurgents of the Home Army, to 300th anniversary of the Vienna battle. Practically each bigger Polish city documents with our elevation plaques important events, places of stay and work of people of culture, activists, important personages. Outstanding sculptors connected with PSP made numerous exquisite plaques and tombstones, including avenues for the distinguished at Nowe and Stare Powązki in Warsaw.

Canaletto’s plaque Plaque dedicated to Tadeusz Kulisiewicz Plaque dedicated to Juliusz Osterwa Plaque at Piłsudski Square in Warsaw in the place where there were Holly Masses celebrated by John Paul II and after the death of Cardinal S. Wyszyński Stanisław Wokulski’s plaque


The art of exhibition

The exhibition expositions realized by Visual Arts Studio are so numerous that we will list only those which are the most interesting and distinctive:
I National Fair of Polish Contemporary Art /designed by T. Rumiński/;
Permanent exposition in Zbrojownia Klasztoru oo. Paulinów at Jasna Góra /J.Kosiński/
National Exhibition of Młoda Polska „ARSENAŁ 88” /designed by Team of designers/;
Permanent exposition for Muzeum Kultur in Japan /A. Strachocki/;
Oświęcim Exhibition in the ONZ building in New York /M. Lewicki/;
International Handicraft Exhibition „EXEMPLA- 73” in Munich /T. Błażejewski/;
International cooperation in the conquest of Space /Cz. Wielhorski/;
International Fair for Young Artists „INTERART” /M. Lewicki/;
„Nicolaus Copernicus: life- thought- work” /J. Leontiew, R. Szumielewicz/;
Multi-subject exposition for the Polish communities abroad in the whole world „Warsaw – a meeting place” /O. Budrewicz/;
Numerous national expositions for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offer expositions for world’s tourist fairs for Orbis, PLL LOT, Polska Żegluga Bałtycka;
Permanent and temporary exhibitions for practically all museum and large galleries in Poland and thousands of bigger and smaller fair and occasional expositions;


We are a founder member of Polska Izba Przemysłu Targowego and Warszawska Korporacja Targowa.


As a Leader of Fair Services in Poland of long standing, PSP is a general contractor of construction designs of events organized among others by Międzynarodowe Centrum Targowe, Międzynarodowe Targi Polska, Polska Izba Paliw Płynnych, Międzynarodowe Targi Łódzkie, Fundacja Polskiego Godła Promocyjnego TERAZ POLSKA.

We have real achievements as it comes to a comprehensive organization and service of fairs, exhibitions, outdoor and mass events, congresses, symposiums and conferences. For many years we have had the leading position in the ranking of Polska Izba Przemysłu Targowego in relation to quantity and quality of fair construction designs in Poland.

Arsenal’88 Polish Exhibition of Młoda Polska in Hala Gwardii in Warsaw (1000 works, 400 authors making their debut in the 80’s) Arsenal’88 – the biggest painting of this Exhibition made by J. Kopeć. The motto of the Exhibition: “Each time has its art” Oświęcim Exposition in the ONZ building in New York First Contemporary Plastic Arts Fair in PKiN in Warsaw – Cracow exposition Second National Fair of Polish Plastic Arts organized by PSP, exposition of glass, ceramics and painting  



In 1963 PSP opened its own Experimental Graphic House. Apart from publishing it was a school for graphics from the Academy of Fine Arts, interested in typographic methods of printing. Outstanding teaching staff: Tadeusz Piekarniak, Leon Urbański, Jacek Tytus Walczak, Marian Sztuka, typefaces specially designed and cast in Leipzig, papers and cardboards brought from the best European paper mills resulted in unique style and level of printing services. In our House we developed so-called Polish school of diplomatic printing, involving publishing service for Council of Ministers and Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the use of hand-made cardboards, with embossing, on the highest editorial level. We produced prestigious functional forms, founding acts, honoris causa diplomas, special addresses and invitations, bookplates, presenting the highest world level in this field. In the 70’s Experimental Graphic House was famous for publishing limited editions of bibliophilic exquisite volumes of verse, eg. Cztery Modlitwy by Kamil Baczyński /designed by T. Chelicka/, Niobe by Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński /L. Urbański, M. Sztuka – and later M. Gawryś, J. Burski, K. Jerominek/, Sześć wierszy by Cyprian Kamil Norwid /L. Urbański, J. T. Walczak/ and Uspokojenie by Juliusz Słowacki /L. Urbański/. The House prepared set of printed matters for International Chopin Contests /J. T. Walczak/, portfolios of Polski Afisz Teatralny 1765-1939 with a facsimile of 22 posters for 500th anniversary of printing art in Poland /M. Sztuka/. Those and many many others House’s products, not listed here, resulted in a prestigious diploma “For outstanding achievements and valuable contribution to the culture of Polish typography”.

Diplomas, menus, exquisite invitations Printed matters for Chopin Contess Wrappers of diplomas Shakespeare’s sonnet Bibliophilic printings


Graphic arts, systems of visual identification, trademarks

Trademarks designed in Visual Arts Studio has been keeping you company for many years, and many of them survived difficult trials of economic and political changes. In our graphic arts studio at Finlandzka Street in Warsaw there was a first presentation of famous trademarks – PKO, CPN, TVP, Domy Towarowe Centrum, Mostostal, FSO, PKP. The team of designers R. Duszek and A. Zbrożek won the competition and in 1st half of the 70’s drew up a full system of identification for PLL LOT, and J.T. Walczak prepared a visualization for FSO in Żerań in Warsaw. J.J. Hollender, the author of a logo for DESA, URSUS, Universal, Hortex designed a commonly recognized trademark of Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka, and J. Udrycki full visual information for this institution. Our graphics prepared information systems for Trasa Łazienkowska /T. Suliński, J. Klechniowski, Z. Kostka/ and Central Railway Station /A. Pańkowski with a team/. The Graphic Studio of PSP accepted countless designs of functional graphic art: outstanding graphics – among others T. Rumiński, K. Śliwka, W. Świeży, A. Pągowski, M. Stańczyk designed for you calendars, posters, promotional materials, packages, trademarks. Various Forms Studio designed almost a majority of Polish neon signs: elevation, roof and semaphore ones /M. Byczyńska, J. Krzyżanowski, M. Kruhlik, B. Sawczuk, M. Świetlik/.

Logo of Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka in Międzylesie Trademarks Fragment of information system of Central Railway Station in Warsaw The 70’s, a new identification badge of LOT Logotypes


Art galleries

Out of thirty galleries operating in Poland six were run by Warsaw PSP. They were FOKSAL, FORMA, KRYTYKÓW, MAŁA ZPAF, PRASKA, VENA. Each of them specialized in different field of contemporary art, promoting the most interesting debuts and creative experiments. Apart from selling work of arts, they published beautiful catalogues and prepared vernissages of young artists. Among our galleries a permanent leading position belonged to Foksal, run by W. Borowski. Artistic activity of this institution was directed towards systematic presentations of top Polish artists. This gallery has a lot of undeniable achievements as it comes to a documentation of an artistic work of the most outstanding artists (eg. T. Kantor).