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Siedziba firmy PSPThe idea of  Visual Arts Studio appointment was brought to life at the end of the 40’s – there was a need to integrate the circle of visual artists around the tasks considered as priorities for the country, which was being reconstructed after war damage.

At the same time it was a peculiar form of national patronage of artists of all plastic disciplines. The company was established by a decision of the Minister of Culture and Art as of 22nd December 1949 under the name Państwowe Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Dekoracyjnych. Two years later it changed its name into Pracownie Sztuk Plastycznych /Visual Arts Studio/.

The seat of Chief Authorities of PSP was in Warsaw in the Palace of Zamoyscy at Foksal Street. The deed establishing the enterprise enabled to set up local branches in bigger cities – originally there were 17 branches in all provincial cities, then, after an introduction of administrative changes in the middle of the 70’s, the number of branches, branch offices and agencies was increased to 45, there were also 3 independent studios and 30 Galleries of Contemporary Art. In the biggest Warsaw Branch, at 9 Karmelicka Street and 10 Finlandzka Street operated the following studios: interior design, graphics, visual information and decoration, the art of exhibition, works of art conservation, sculpture, masonry, ceramics, painting, photographics, various forms, packages and Doświadczalna Oficyna Graficzna.

PSP played a great role in a creation of a post-war visual face of the country. Under its aegis innovative architectural projects of public buildings were created – theatres, museums, stations, sporting facilities. The people from here designed monuments and busts which decorated our streets, interiors of many institutions, museums and cultural facilities, medals, decorative metalworks, masterpieces of printing art and trademarks staying in common consciousness.

Privatization of a state enterprise – after political changes in the country seemed to be the only way to keep the company’s brand and to have the possibility to continue what had been the best in its previous output. In 1993 the employees of the Warsaw Branch set up the Company, which in the following years, already as Visual Arts Studio limited liability company, from the beginning as it were rebuilt its position on the market.

During the last 30 years PSP actively entered a developing market of exhibition services, where is highly placed now.


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